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A Safe Path

Today was a special day.

I went for a walk. A simple thing, right?

But this walk was a pretty big deal. It’s been eight months since I’ve walked outside. July 5th, 2011 was the last time I did that.

Granted, it was a walk on the Cape Cod Canal where there are no cars or other motorized vehicles, but it’s the only place where I can currently walk without fear. Baby steps.

No cars that can zig zag off roads and snuff out life. 
Just a path where people can rollerblade, jog, bike and even fish.

A place where I feel very safe. Comforted even.

A place where I can walk five miles without worrying about whether or not I’ll be squished. Did you see the five mile part? Yeah baby, I walked five miles today. Hence, the big cheesy grin above.

Did I mention how windy it is down on the Cape Cod Canal? If you want a good hair day, do not walk the canal. Also, if you plan on taking a five mile walk, leave your 35 mm dsl camera at home. Not one of my brighter decisions.

That said, I feel pretty darn good about today. There’s something about walking in the sunlight that feels so good right down to my toes.

Maybe it’s extra delicious to me since it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do it. And five miles? Did any of us think I’d ever do that again?

I thought I’d share one of the songs that added a little bounce to my step today. Life In A Northern Town. A song that’s close to my heart and very apropos for this Northern gal.

I hope your were able to enjoy your day today. The sunshine, the blessing of mobility, taking time to pay attention to the things that truly matter to you. Whatever that may be.


  1. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful day for you Melanie! I am so proud of you and how far you have come since July! 5 miles! Awesome girl! Keep it up!

  2. You probably cant hear me clapping and cheering over here, but Im SO PROUD OF YOU and so excited to read these words and see your beautiful smile. And a great song too 🙂 *HUG* love you!

  3. So very happy for you! You have made terrific progress, great determination and a cheerful spirit. You are an inspiration!

  4. I LOVE the last picture! You’re hair… hehe 🙂
    You look so happy… that it’s made me smile! That picture is beautiful!

  5. I am so happy and proud of you! Your post brought a big smile to my face!

  6. I’m so happy for you. And how very beautiful that special walking place is- you live in a gorgeous area of our country AND with stores that double $1 coupons? Your own little paradise : )

  7. That’s wonderful! Looks like you had an absolutely beautiful day for your inaugural walk. 🙂

  8. cheering for you from Canada EH!!!!

  9. that is *just* wonderful!!! Here’s to many more miles to come!

  10. Good for you!!! Hope this is just the beginning of many blessings for you and your family.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Go lady Go!

  12. I am so happy for you! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Your perseverance has really been an inspiration to me.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Up until your accident last year, I used to walk 4 miles every day on a hwy/residential road in my neighborhood. Now, I look back and Thank GOD that I didn’t get run over or something on that busy road. I am now walking in a safer area with NO cars around, just people walking, and I love it.

    I am so sorry of what happened to you last year, but sharring your story has made me more aware and more careful out there while walking.

    I am so proud of you and your 5 mile walk, that is amazing !!! You go girl ! 🙂 You’re one strong woman Melanie and to me you’re like that energizer bunny that keeps going and going and going… 😉 lol Keep it up !

    Estera- WA

  14. Awesome, Mel!! You’ve come a long way and you’ve done it with style!!!

    Mel, this may sound stupid but bear in mind, I have not been back to the Cape since 1994, but is that the Bourne or Sagamore Bridge in your pic? Sad, 20 years ago, I could have told you which one it is but I’m old and forgetful now and my eyesight isn’t what it once was 🙂

    And I agree with you, I love that song Northern Town. When I was living in NM that song came out and it made really homesick for New England.

  15. Awesome!!! What a beautiful day for a walk on the canal—love that path. And dude, it seems like it’s always windy there! So five miles? Damn. What’s my excuse? You’re inspiring me. Way to go!

  16. Congratulations! I cannot walk one block without pain that stops me, but at least I did not get mowed down by a car! I always wonder how people can walk and ride bikes so close to cars. Since I am much older than you, maybe I have read of too many incidents like yours. I am glad you got up your nerve to walk outdoors!

  17. That is awesome Mel. I am soooo happy for you!!!

  18. Yay! Congrats! What a beautiful day for this accomplishment too. Keep smiling and wishing you many, many more miles to come 🙂

  19. Not sure if congratulations is the right word here but Yay!! So glad you conquered another mountain. I bet if felt good!

  20. Joanne B says:

    Wow, what an awesome post, look how far you have come, truly amazing!! I am so happy for you!!

  21. I”m so glad that you were able to get out and walk today!

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