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Retail Therapy

So, today I went shopping sans crutches. I wanted to see what I could do with my own two feet without any artificial assistance. You know the term retail therapy? Yeah, that phrase was written for me in every way. I never realized how much effort it took to go from store to store searching for the deals. Let me tell you, it’s quite a workout! After three CVS and one Walgreen’s visits, I was ready for some chocolate and wine therapy plus an ice pack.

CVS was the MVP of the day. They have a Covergirl sale and I have $8/2 Covergirl coupons which not only got me free makeup that will be donated to my local women’s shelter, but they netted me free gift cards at CVS. Read more about that dealΒ here.You’ve got to love it when coupons and promotions collide to create a profit.

Not to mention, I got lucky and scored a $5/20 CVS facial product coupon which brought my out of pocket down even further. After coupons I spent $4.96 on the cosmetics and I received $30.00 in gift cards to be redeemed at CVS. Not too shabby at all. I plan on doing this deal two more times this week since you are allowed to do it five times per card.

I was also thrilled to see a deal at Walgreen’s on the Old Spice body sprays. Talk about a deal coming together in the eleventh hour! The coupons I have for $2/1 Old Spice body spray expire tomorrow and Walgreen’s was kind enough to pull off a sale the day before they expire. Thanks Walgreen’s!

The Old Spice deal is buy $30.00 worth of specific Old Spice or Gillette products and get a $10 Register Reward. I bought eight to satisfy the minimum purchase requirement and after coupons and Register Rewards, I paid .75 per canister. And do I even need to tell you how happy I am that it’s not Axe?

That’s the funny thing about couponing. For the longest time we were stocked to the gills on Axe products. So much so in fact, that my kids burned out on it. The same thing is true for Oreos. We had so many packages of those that we got sick of that product too. Has that ever happened to you? If only I could get sick of chocolate. Funny how that never happens.

So what are you all excited about this week? Are you going after the CVS Covergirl deal?

Update. It’s been brought to my attention that I made the mistake of redeeming 8 Old Spice coupons at one time when you are only supposed to redeem four. My mistake. Alas, a seasoned couponer makes mistakes too.Β 


  1. I wanted to do that Old Spice deal but figured I couldn’t because the coupon says “Limit 4 per transaction” :-/
    I did get the candy and cough drops though πŸ™‚

  2. OMG. Yup, you’re totally right. I royally screwed that one up. Sigh. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Not sure how I forgot about that!!!!

  3. Mel, I burned through my one copy of that coupon as soon as I got my little hands on it. Well…truth be told it was in ‘last week’s’ newspaper collecting dust bc I was too lazy to start couponing again…but ok, now I am back on track and saving 50% again! πŸ™‚ Woot! But I remember the coupon said $8 off 2 ‘face products’ so I was like…it has to be something you smear all over your face. So I got one foundation and one face powder. But I think they were on sale at Target so it wasn’t too bad. Did they give you stuff about it being eye shadow and blush? And when I saw all that blush before you said you were donating it, I thought…girl uses a lot of blush. It takes me like a year to use one. hahahaha

  4. Jen- Lol, I hear ya, The coupon was very vague. It said any face product. My eyes are located on my face much like my cheek bones, so I figured it was fair game. They could have just as easily said on any foundation or any concealer, but they didn’t.

    We have a shelter here called Rosie’s Place that takes this kind of donation. I imagine it will be greatly appreciated around the holidays. πŸ™‚

  5. That is true (about the donation). Well very nice, Mel πŸ™‚ Thanks for clearing up what the coupon said, I don’t know what was getting me. I guess my inner scam artist. Or thinking they were scamming me. IDK. lol

  6. I just LOVE that you donate all of the make-up! Make-up can make us feel so much prettier and for those who don’t have any, it can just be a blessing!

  7. Sarah- Agreed! For awhile after the accident I didn’t wear any because it took too much effort. But I have to say, once I started back up again, I felt so much more human. Strange how a little makeup makes us feel more in control of ourselves.

  8. I donate to my local women’s (DV) shelter too. I just wanted everyone to know that they need more than women’s supplies. The first time i did this I was quite apologetic, as mot of the body washes and deodorants were men’s. The lady told me that they also have teenage boys here, and cracked me up saying “And no-one needs a deodorant more than a teenage boy!” I thought you’d identify with that, Melanie!

  9. Anonymous says:

    You’re amazing! πŸ™‚

  10. Anonymous says:

    Probably not on the cover girl since we are in the same town, won’t be any left;) if you want my coupons though you’re welcome to them. Great cause to help out!

  11. Very excited to hear you executed this successful outing without crutches! You are making great progress Melanie! Great deals and a donation to Rosie’s Place; well done!”

  12. Beware with the Old Spice Spray and Body Wash. It has been known to cause an allergic reaction to some males skins. It happened to my son and three friends husbands. It was on the internet as well. It hurts so bad you can put your arms down if used as deodorant. Just an FYI.

  13. Lorna- Excellent point. I imagine diapers and other baby items would be welcome too. For everything that is sold in the stores, there’s someone who can use it. That’s why I’ve always argued with “experts” who say don’t buy what you won’t use, even if it’s free”. I say buy it and give it to someone who will. If it doesn’t cost you anything, why not??

    Carrie- I only did one transaction per store, so you should be a-ok! Matter of fact, I didn’t go to the exit 6 CVS at all. That said, there are LOTS of couponers in this town, so I’d go soon if you are at all able. πŸ™‚

    Kimberly- I guess we’ll find out this afternoon. I saw a canister on the bathroom counter top this morning, so if they are itchy after school, I’ll know the culprit. Thanks for the heads up!!

  14. I had to laugh about the Axe. My husband still hasn’t used up all the Axe deodorant I stockpiled and he has already told me multiple times to never buy it again! Axe overload for sure!

  15. score at CVS! I no longer have one here and I have sniffles just thinking about it. BUt, I did get my hands on the $8/2 coupons and did well on brushes and blush. Wish I had gone the eyeshadow route though. Just didn’t know if I could..it was too vague. Anyway, You must have bumped your beauty rewards up a lot too..>Way to go!

  16. I know we all make mistakes couponing, so this isn’t coming from a nasty angle, but the $5 off facial care isn’t really applicable to cosmetics…the intent behind that coupon was for facial cleansers, moisturizers, wrinkle cream, etc. Also, the Covergirl coupon is for face cosmetics, which according to their website is foundation, bronzer, powder, conceealer and blush. I cringe seeing you broadcast these “OOPS” to all your faithful readers who may not know better. Don’t get me wrong, love your blog and aren’t being judgemental.

  17. Anonymous- Thanks for your opinion, but I wasn’t apologizing about the facial coupons as I believe I redeemed them honestly. I was only apologizing for the OS body spray coupons which were used incorrectly.

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