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Catching Up

Redskins GameBoy the past week has kicked my butt. And in oh so many ways. The world is imploding, people are being vile on social media with their very loud opinions on how to fix the world, like that’s something that has an easy fix. And everyday life has been a bit cantankerous lately. I’m ready for the holidays. At least, I’m ready for school vacation. I just want to hunker down at home in my jammies and do nothing for awhile.

But there are some good things to report. So I’ll catch you up on the good stuff. Let’s start with the Redskins. While I’m a Patriots fan through and through, I attended a Redskins game last weekend with friends (yay for new friends!) and it was SO much fun. The Redskins beat the Saints by crazy numbers and the crowd was just electric. Not to mention it was a beautiful day. So much winning going on there. New friends, a winning home game and beautiful weather. I’m thankful for the experience.


Guardianware PercolatorI’m also thankful for small things that make me happy. You know that auction I  love to attend every week? Not that I get the chance every week, but it’s offered every week. Any who, I went last Friday night and saw this Guardianware percolator you see above.

From what I read online, Guardianware was popular in the 40’s-50’s. It was sold like Tupperware with in-home demos. It was rather expensive in the day and all the rage. And while I’m more of a vintage Pyrex collector, this pot spoke to me. So when I was the high bidder with my $8.00 bid, I was happy with my win. My only purchase of the night, but I was still happy as a clam.

The Colonel was less than impressed. That’s because he has zero patience for coffee to brew. He’s a Mr.Coffee kind of guy and likes to push a button and have his coffee pronto. Percolator coffee sounds torturous to him. He told me I can have my percolator coffee pot. He’ll stick with the modern day convenience coffee. Phooey.

Swedish MeatballsRemember how I shared that I bought The Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook, Dinnertime? I started cooking with it. The first recipe I tried was the Swedish Meatballs and I thought they were awesome! The Colonel did too. The kids not so much. They’re kind of meatball purists. If they’re having meatballs, they want them covered in red sauce and topped with parmesan cheese. Creatures of habit, I suppose.

Cookie SkilletI won with dessert though. A chocolate chip skillet cookie with ice cream and ganache. By the time dessert came around I had zero energy to fight with rock hard ice cream. So I just dumped the pint in its entirety on top and called it good. It was one of those days.

I’ve been super busy working on A Beautiful Bite. This is the time of year for food bloggers. Everyone’s looking for holiday recipes. And if you’re still on the hunt for recipe ideas, I put together a recipe roundup of sides I think look scrumptious. Check it out! I also did the same thing for desserts and ideas on how to use Thanksgiving leftovers!

Christmas Tree at National HarborSo here we are, it’s Friday. Thank God for that. Time to start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can’t even believe I just typed that. Where has the year gone? Time to start thinking about holiday shopping, I suppose. Anyone doing that yet? Or am I the only one who feels like it’s still September?

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Congrats to Raquel T. from CO! You are the winner of the latest Pioneer Woman cookbook. Please send your mailing into to melanieinthemiddle@gmail.com. Thanks to all for entering!