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Our New Addition!

puppiesWeeks ago I shared with you that a puppy was in our future. Well, I am beyond excited to announce that our puppy has been born! Two weeks ago our breeder contacted us to let us know that the mama went into labor. Luckily for us, our breeder had a live cam going and we got to watch the whole thing.

What a beautiful evening that was. Everything went swimmingly for both mama and the pups. And six weeks from now our sweet little puppy will be coming home with us.

PuppiesWe’ve been waiting a long time for this and the kids are gleeful. After a time of upheaval and change, a puppy is exactly what this family needs and we can’t wait to share two million pictures with you.

In case you’re wondering which one is ours, it’s the white one. Can you spot it? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. They all look like carbon copies to me. Only the breeder knows which one is our new fur baby.

Samoyed PuppiesThe picture above gives you an idea of what our pup will look like when it’s a little bigger. Fluffy. There are many lint rollers in our future.

Even though the puppy is six weeks away from coming home, it hasn’t stopped us from buying toys for our new addition. We already have a toy basket well on its way to being filled in the family room.

I bet you’re curious what we named him. Boy was there a lot of debate over that topic. Lots and lots of debate. At first I wanted Cobra, after The Colonel’s aircraft, but the little ones would have none of that business.

One girl liked Butter while the other thought Cookie was the best name of all time. Clearly my baking influences their thinking.

The boys were pretty open to anything, but Michael liked Chewy after his favorite Star Wars character, Chewbacca. Aidan thought Michael said Chili, not Chewy, and once we heard that mistake, we fell in love with it.

So now we have a puppy coming named Chili and I can’t wait for you to meet him!

Urban Southern Winner!

Congrats to Pam L. from Indiana! You are the winner of the Urban Southern Market Tote. Please email me at melanieinthemiddle@gmail.com with your mailing address. Thanks to all for entering!