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I’m Hiding

LeelaI have to apologize, I’ve been awful about commenting back the past couple of posts. Things are so busy right now. And I bet you feel the same way. So much to do before Thanksgiving. I can hardly manage it all.

So for today I just want to share with you a funny photo I took of Leela the other night.

The girls and I were watching Maleficent and when the scary scenes came on, Leela covered herself with her wubbie. And when I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye, all sealed off and oblivious to the scary stuff happening on the television, I couldn’t help but giggle thinking that I too would like to hide under my wubbie once in awhile.

Isn’t that a funny thing about kids? If they don’t see something happening it doesn’t exist?

Too bad that doesn’t work in adult life.

At any rate, I just wanted to assure you that things are ok. I’m here. Just super busy getting ready for turkey day. I’ll respond to comments over the weekend.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Are you shopping on Black Friday? Got your eye on anything special? I am so out of touch with the brick and mortar store deals.


Melanie In The MiddleI’ve been blogging for eight years. Can you believe that? Good Lord has a lot happened over those years. So many amazing things and some pretty catastrophic things too.

Looking back over the years I can’t help but smile at the highlights. As I look back over my blog entries I marvel at how my children have changed. My darling daughters who used to be round faced preschoolers have morphed into bra wearing tweens. Premature babes who have grown into healthy active and spirited young women.

And my sons. Oh the stories I could tell but cannot until many years down the road. They understand what blogging is all about and have not given me permission to share their individual stories here. And while I completely support them in that choice, I long to share  some of the crazy trials and tribulations we’ve weathered. Enough life lessons to fill a book!

The boys too have grown into strapping young men. And Lord have mercy can I see myself and their father in them. They are feisty and headstrong to say the least. They are also gentle of heart and quick to lend a helping hand. Wonderful qualities in young men. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their father and I raised men who will do great things.

And in every life some rain must fall. Oh how it’s rained over the years. Drought has not been an issue in my life that’s for damn sure. As a blogger I’ve shared these difficult times with you and for the most part I’ve been supported and loved on this blog.

But then there are the trolls…

Recently a reader commented on a post with the following:

“I now understand why your husband left you.”

Originally I just deleted that comment and put it in the trash where it belonged because I truly believe that people who spew comments such as this are people to be pitied. People who have such empty sorrowful lives that I ought to be praying for them. But still, I felt that it needed to be addressed. So here it goes…

Let me be crystal clear. My husband didn’t leave me. And that’s all I will say on that subject because I want to honor my children’s father in all things.

I am secure in who I am beyond anyone’s judgement. I did not go through a childhood of physical and mental abuse, lose a child and fight for my life after being crushed by a car to subject myself to anyone’s judgement.

That picture you see above? That is a picture of a woman full of hope. A woman loved by more than enough people. A woman who chooses to focus on the good in life and prides herself in building her friends and peers up, not tearing them down.

This blog is not an open target for judgement. It is a place where I choose to share my life. And if you’ve ever wondered why I moderate comments, this troll is a good example as to why I do that.

It saddens me that there are people in this world who are so empty, so sorrowful, so bitter that they take joy in hurting others. Because truly they are to be pitied.

But I will not allow them to rain on my blog because this is my space. And this blog speaks to strength, courage and hope. And no one, I do mean no one, will take that away from me. From us, really. Because we are in this together, you and I. And we will prevail.