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Back to School with Seattle’s Best Coffee and a Giveaway!

Seattle's Best

My kids went back to school this week and I’m pretty sure none of us were excited about that. I know most moms were probably doing a dance in the driveway when the big yellow bus pulled away, but this mom just wasn’t feeling the joy this year.

Now that my kids spend part of their summer away in another state with their dad, our vacation time together is a bit brief. Sure, we packed a lot of fun activities in those few weeks, but it’s not quite the same. Still, they had so much fun with their dad and got to do some pretty fantastic things with him. So that’s a wonderful thing.

Besides feeling like I didn’t get a lot of time with them, I really wasn’t keen on getting back into the homework thing, the pack the lunches thing or the back to school shopping thing. I’m not even going to tell you how much I spent on back to school. Even with all my thrifty ways, I still spent much more than previous years.

That back to school supply list keeps getting longer every year my kids are in school. I remember when I was a kid needing pencils, glue sticks and paper. Now the list is about a dozen items deep and includes flash drives. My, how times have changed.

Melanie the BearAnd can I remind you that I’m not a morning person? A couple of weeks ago the kids and I were visiting the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and while Shannon was snapping this pic of me above, she told me this was me before my coffee in the morning. Yup, a pretty accurate statement.

sunroomOnce the bus came and I blew kisses to my girls who didn’t even look out the window to return the favor, I went inside to relax with a cup of coffee. I know I haven’t shared many pictures of my new home yet, so I figured I’d show you where I drink my coffee and do most of my work.

The sunroom is my happy place. This is where I chill, tap on my computer and enjoy the scenery that surrounds my home. This week I’m especially loving my coffee because the folks from Seattle’s Best Coffee sent a very lovely back to school survival kit filled with three of their coffee blends; Toasted Hazelnut, Born in Seattle House Blend and Dark Intense #5.

This week I’m drinking Dark Intense #5 because I need all the strong coffee I can get.

Seattle's BestThey also sent some fun goodies like a Moleskin notebook, a Tile fob which will help me find my keys when I lose them (happens often), and a super cute Seattle’s Best Coffee mug….

backpackOh, and a to-go tumbler and backpack. Fun, right? A nice way to get back into the swing of things for sure.

To make it even sweeter, the folks from Seattle’s Best Coffee would like one of you to have a back to school survival kit as well! One lucky reader will win all the same goodies they sent to me. A surefire way to make back to school a little easier on any parent!

To enter, comment on this post with your first name, last initial, the state you are from and your thoughts on how your back to school experience is going thus far. And if you’re not a parent, feel free to enter too. Everyone deserves a good cup of coffee! Entries must be received by Friday, September 4th 11:59pm EST.

This is not a sponsored post. Seattle’s Best Coffee did send a complimentary back to school kit to facilitate my review. All thoughts are my own.

An Announcement

The ColonelSo I’m getting married to The Colonel in October. Yes, it’s not quite been a year since my divorce. Yes, I know it seems fast to you. Yes, I know you think I might have a story beyond what I’ve shared thus far.

Yes, I know you’re craving answers to fill in the blanks. And yes, I understand that because my life has been an open journal for the past eight years, you think I owe you all the intimate details.

So yes, I know you’re assuming whatever it is people assume when people divorce and remarry quickly and nothing I can say will stop the haters from imagining the worst. So I’m not even going to try to defend my impending nuptials.

Over the past year I’ve dealt with lots of hateful comments about my divorce. Some comments I’ve let post to the blog, others I have not. Because while I welcome reasoned discussion, I’m not ok with hate. And if I were to be completely honest, I’ve considered shuttering the blog altogether because life is too short to allow other people to rain on our parade.

I’ll say that again. After eight years of blogging, I’m considering shutting the blog down because of the constant judgement I’m under for my life decisions.

It seems unfair to me to have my life on parade while people who wish me malice watch my new life unfold from the comfort of their sofas, and with just a few keystrokes, leave comments that blacken an otherwise happy time in my life.

And I’m in SUCH a beautiful place right now that I’m fiercely protective of the joy that fills my life. After two decades of instability, I now feel loved and stable. I’m not going to allow anything to disrupt the peace and joy that’s our life right now. Or forever for that matter. I’m walking side by side in unity with The Colonel and we are forging a new purposeful path together.

The Colonel

The ColonelHow about the kids? What do they think? Well, the truth of the matter is that they like him. Actually, it’s hard NOT to like him. He’s a happy guy. Always quick to smile and offer up a joke, The Colonel is a man with a can-do attitude and positive spirit. In his opinion, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And that positive attitude is downright infectious.

So, yes! The kids like him and are SO excited to be part of our wedding.

The kids are onboard, The Colonel and I are onboard. And my friends? They are ready for a party come October.

Mel and The ColonelThat’s my news. We’re getting married. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the blog. While I’d like to keep sharing my life with you all, I’m growing weary of the negativity that surrounds each personal post I share.

And I’d like to be clear. The comments do NOT decrease my joy. Nor do they cause me to doubt ANY of the decisions I’ve made as of late. It’s just that I am at peace now. Life is going better than I’ve ever imagined it could. And all my childhood dreams of finding a happily ever after are finally coming true.

And nothing is going to burst that bubble.

So I’m not sure what’s going to happen here. All I know is that I’m marrying The Colonel this October and we are getting a puppy in two weeks. The rest? To be continued….